Company Formation Services

Open a company in China online with easy and effiicient manner. Company registration, Tax & Accounting, Company Secretarial Services.

Corporate Tax : 23%

Time For Registration : 2 days

Local Language : Chinese / Mandarin

China is known for high intensity manufacturing centres and it is one of the largest growing economy in terms of consumer base.

Company Formation Services in China

Top FDI provides company registration, tax & accounting and company secretarial services in China

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Company Registration

We help in establishing WFOE's , Joint Venture and Representative Office in China

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Tax & Accounting

We provide monthly bookkeeping, tax and compliance, invoicing service and more

Company Secretary

We help businesses by complying with the law and manage all tax related tasks

Process of Establishment

Company Registration

Registered Address Company Name
Business License
Company Chops

Corporate Accounts

Corporate Bank Account
Social Insurance Account
Housing Fund Account
Tax Registration Number

Trading Certificates

Import / Export License
Food & Beverage License
Alcohol License
Medicine License

Ongoing Support

Monthly Tax & Accounting
Invoice Issuance
Financial Chop

Additional Services

Annual Tax Return
Trademark Registration
ICP Licence

Employer of Record ( Optional )

Hire staff in China while your company is regsitered
Contract Signing

Plan your Market Entry Package

We guide you to choose and customise the company registration process as per your needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A WFOE is short for Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise. A WFOE is a 100% foreign-owned (individual or corporate) limited liability company able to generate profit, invoice clients and hire local / foreign employees in China.

A joint venture is an agreement by two or more people or companies to accomplish a specific business goal together.

Representative office is a business structure that acts as a local liaison office for a foreign corporation that seeks to establish a corporate presence in the country without engaging in income-generating activities

Company Secretary is a person who manages  legal, regulatory, risk and compliance obligations mainly managing statutory books & records and filing certain statutory returns.

Employer on Record  ( EOR ) is a third party contracted to take care on core compliance responsibilities of an employer in that country.