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The company secretary is a key member of any business team, ensuring compliance with local regulations and laws.

All companies in China are legally required by the Chinese SAIC (State Authority for Industry and Commerce) to have a company secretary. This individual is responsible for maintaining the records and ensuring all official documentation, as well as acting on behalf of their employers when necessary.

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Company Secretary Duties in China

When opening a company in China, it is important to be aware of the many licenses and permits which need approval from the relevant government departments. These documents record your company’s history as it changes over time and can help avoid any future complications or problems with operating procedures.

In addition, each entity also needs to apply for the “company chops” that need to be carved and registered with State Public Security Bureau. These are really important objects that need to be kept in trusted hands as they are the key to managing the operations of the company covering a crucial legal role.

In order to stay compliant, every company needs to maintain and keep in order all the licenses, permits, records, seals, and files. Moreover, they also have a duty of updating these files regularly to keep pace with the changing regulatory environment and meet the annual inspection requirements required by law.

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Company Chops in China

When it comes to Chinese legal documents, seals have greater authority than the signature of any natural person. The most common business use for these items is executing contracts and passing resolutions, but they can also be used for payments, tax filing and reporting to the local authorities among many other things. It’s important then, that every company management understands the importance of these items and the consequences of their mismanagement. Managers and executives must remember there are certain specific circumstances where only company-seal signatures will suffice when completing official Chinese legal paperwork; otherwise, everything could become invalidated.

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Update documents, licenses and permits in China

Files, permits, licenses, approvals, and records of the local entity need to be managed on a regular basis and in compliance with Chinese regulations.

File and update all company documents through the course of the year, filing for changes to mandatory records required by the Administrations for Industry and Commerce (AIC) and registering with relevant government authorities to be up-to-date on the latest policy changes. 

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