China Company Registration

Our expert consultants are here to guide you step by step through the process of opening a company in China.

China Company Registration

Top FDI provides solution for company registration in China, accounting and company secretarial services in China. Streamline your journey into the Chinese market with our expert consultants, guiding you from registration to expansion

WFOE registration

WFOE Registration

Setup a 100 % foreign investor owned company in China

Representative Office

Explore & Conduct Market Research in China using RO

JV Registration

Access Restricted Industries in China by Joint Venture

goods and services tax gst in singapore

Tax & Accounting

We provide Chinese Accounting & Annual Audit service for WFOE / Representative Office in China

China Company Secretary

Company Secretary

Align your business activities with Chinese Law and Compliance with our company secretary solution.

Employer of Record

Hire a team of local chinese or foreigner without having a local entity in China

Incorporate your Business in China

Company Name & Address

We collect & prepare documents for online application via MOFCOM and register for company name and address

Business License

We apply for "5 in 1" Business License from China AIC and prepare new company chops for the company

Bank Account

We help in opening business bank account, social insurance account and housing fund account in top banks.

VAT Registration

We submit the application & documents for tax registration in the chinese bureau

Special Licenses ( Optional )

Import / Export License
Food & Beverage License
Alcohol License
Medicine License

Tax & Accounting Support

Prepare Monthly Reports, Issue Invoice and complete monthly & quaterly tax return

About Us

Top FDI is an independent foreign direct investment firm built upon fundamental principles : adhere to local regulations, dedication to client satisfaction & transparency. Our team of consultants are highly experienced in business legislations, accounting & data management across China, Singapore & Hong Kong.

Need an Office Space in China ?

Top FDI partners with WeWork & Regus to provide office solution & provide daily workspace with suitable office of your preference in Shanghai & other cities . These spaces can serve as your official address, making you eligible for tax rebates under the CPC policy.

Office space in China

Frequently Asked Questions

A foreign-trade zone refers to a specified area where businesses can employ unique customs procedures to promote domestic activity and enhance value – competing effectively with foreign alternatives.

This is achieved by permitting deferred or reduced duty payments on foreign goods, along with other cost-saving measures.

For issuance of work visa, the government considers several factors including number of local employees it employs, company’s duration of registration & tax history. This is not applicable for shareholders of newly registered company ( local chinese / foreigner ).

Since the regulatory changes in 2016, there is no fixed minimum capital requirement for WFOEs in China. Nevertheless, in practice, most WFOEs still necessitate an initial capital injection. The specific capital amount is subject to review by local authorities during the application process and aligning it correctly with your business needs and tax considerations is crucial from the outset.

The required capital varies significantly depending on the nature of the business. As a general guideline, the capital should be sufficient to cover the WFOE’s financial obligations until it becomes self-sustaining, often estimated at one year.

According to the Chinese SAIC (State Authority for Industry and Commerce) regulations, it’s imperative for all registered companies in China to appoint a company secretary. This is a fundamental and mandatory service for businesses to ensure full compliance with legal requirements. Discover our expert, designed to help your company meet these regulatory obligations effectively and with ease.

Yes, You can hire local chinese & expats in China without a local entity using EOR service.

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a trusted third-party entity that assumes the crucial legal responsibilities of employing your workforce in a designated country.

The EOR takes care of all administrative, legal, and HR-related duties, guaranteeing full compliance with local laws and regulations in employment practices.

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