China Company Registration

We Support WFOE Registration, Representative Office and JV Registration

China Business Structures


WFOE Registration

Wholly Foreign - Owned Enterprise ( WFOE ) is a popular business structure in China that is 100 % owned by foreign investors. It allows you to generate profit and hire employees in China. WFOE can be registered in many industries including consulting services, trading and manufacturing operations.

Representative Office ( RO )

Representative office (RO) is the fastest option to register a company in China. It allows foreign company to do business operations, without engaging in profit generating activities. The purpose is to perform market research in China and simply have a local presence.


JV Registration

Joint Venture ( JV ) in China is a business structure where atleast one foreign party and one chinese party are shareholders to form a company. It helps in gaining more insider knowledge and expertise in the industry and easy handling of bureaucratic procedures.

Our Setup Process


We advise you the best solution for your business model and send you our comprehensive proposal

Signing & Payment

After reviewing the proposal, we sign the service contract and receive your payment as per service


We send you an application form as well as the list of documents we need from your side.

Sit back & Relax

Let us take care of everything from here on out. Your WFOE will be ready in roughly one month.

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