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Bringing Your Family to Singapore? Here’s Your Guide to the Dependent Pass! In this blog, we delve deep into the world of the Dependent Pass Singapore. From understanding its essence to exploring the benefits it offers to foreign business owners, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also walk you through the essential requirements and provide a step-by-step guide to the application process. And if you find yourself with questions or in need of expert assistance, remember, TopFDI is just a call away! 

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What is a Dependent Pass Singapore?

The Dependent Pass (DP) in Singapore is a type of residence permit issued to the immediate family members of foreign professionals who hold an Employment Pass, EntrePass, or S Pass. This includes spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age. The primary purpose of the Dependent Pass is to allow families to stay together, ensuring that foreign professionals can bring their loved ones with them when they move to Singapore for work or business.

Benefits of Dependent Pass for Foreign Business Owners

1. Family Unity and Togetherness 

The Dependent Pass allows foreign business owners to bring their immediate family members to Singapore, ensuring that families can stay united and experience life in a new country together. This fosters a sense of home and stability, even when venturing into new business territories.

2. Ease of Transition and Adaptation

Relocating to a new country can be challenging. Having family members around provides emotional support, making the adaptation process smoother and more comfortable. It also aids in understanding and integrating into the local culture and community faster.

3. Work Opportunities for Spouses

With the appropriate permissions, such as the Letter of Consent (LOC), Dependent Pass holders can seek employment in Singapore. This not only allows them to contribute to the family’s financial well-being but also offers them a chance to build their own professional network and career in Singapore.

4. Educational Excellence for Children

Singapore is renowned for its world-class educational institutions. Children holding a Dependent Pass can enroll in local schools, international schools, or other educational institutions, ensuring they receive top-notch education and exposure.

5. Access to Quality Healthcare

Singapore boasts a robust healthcare system. Families on the Dependent Pass have access to excellent medical facilities and services, ensuring their well-being and health are taken care of.

6. Stability and Security

Singapore is known for its low crime rate and stable political environment. Families can enjoy a safe and secure living environment, which is especially crucial for business owners who may have demanding schedules and frequent travels.

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Dependent Pass Requirements 

Who Can Apply for a Dependent Pass in Singapore?

An employer with a valid Employment Pass or S Pass, or an appointed employment agent, must apply on behalf of the candidate for the Dependent Pass. The following individuals, based on their relationship with the primary pass holder can apply for a Dependent Pass:

  • Spouses: Legally married spouses of the primary pass holder are eligible to apply.
  • Children: Unmarried children, including legally adopted children, under the age of 21, can apply.

Successful dependants will need to meet vaccination requirements to get their pass issued. It’s important to note that other relatives or family members, such as parents, siblings, or unmarried partners, are not eligible for the Dependent Pass. However, they might be eligible for other types of passes or long-term visit visas, depending on specific criteria.

Eligibility for Dependant’s Pass

To be eligible to apply for a Dependant’s Pass for your family in Singapore, the applicant must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Type of Pass: You must hold either an Employment Pass or S Pass. For dependants of EntrePass holders, refer to these requirements
  • Minimum Salary Threshold: You should earn a minimum fixed monthly salary of $6,000. It’s important to note that this requirement is based solely on your individual salary and not on the combined household income.
  • Sponsorship: Your application must be sponsored by an established company that is registered in Singapore. In most cases, this sponsoring company is your employer.

Meeting these requirements ensures that you can support your dependents financially and provide for their well-being while residing in Singapore.

Required Documents 

General Requirements

  • Copy of the personal particulars page of the candidate’s passport.
  • For children who share a passport with their parent, the parent’s personal particulars page must also be submitted.

Specific Requirements Based on Family Member

Family MemberAdditional Documents
Spouse (legally married)Copy of the marriage certificate
Unmarried children under 21 yearsCopy of the official birth certificate stating the parent’s names.
Verification of Vaccination Requirements (for entry to Singapore) document issued by HPB is mandatory for foreign-born children who:Are aged 12 years old and below.Are applying for a new DP, including those whose DPs have expired or been cancelled for more than 30 days. Note: Existing DP, LTVP, and Student’s Pass holders are exempted from this requirement.
Unmarried, legally adopted children under 21 yearsCopy of the adoption order or other pertinent documents.
Verification of Vaccination Requirements (for entry to Singapore) document issued by HPB is required for foreign-born children who:Are aged 12 years old and below.Are applying for a new DP, including those whose DPs have expired or been cancelled for more than 30 days. Note: Existing DP, LTVP, and Student’s Pass holders are exempted from this requirement.

Non-English Documents

For documents not in English, you must upload both the original document and its English translation as a single file. The translation should be done by a recognized translation service provider.

It’s essential to ensure that all documents are accurate and up-to-date to facilitate a smooth application process. The authorities may request other documents during the review of your application. You can access the official website for the full requirements.

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Dependent Pass Application Process

Before Application

Before applying for the Dependent Pass Singapore, please note that the applicant has the flexibility to submit the application either concurrently with the main pass holder’s work pass application or at a subsequent date. Each family member requires a separate application.

If the foreign individual is in Singapore on a visit pass that might expire before the issuance of the Dependant’s Pass, it’s important to note that the visit pass cannot be extended. It’s advisable to bring the foreigner to Singapore only after the pass has been approved. They don’t need to be present in Singapore during the application process.

For babies born in Singapore, parents will receive a Special Pass from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), which remains valid for 6 weeks. Within this duration, a Dependant’s Pass application should be made.

How to Submit Your Application

  • The processing time for dependants of Employment Pass and S Pass holders is typically within 3 weeks. However, some cases might require additional time.
  • Use the EP eService on the myMOM Portal to complete the application and upload the necessary documents.
  • A fee of $105 is charged for each application. Payment methods include GIRO, Visa, Mastercard, or Amex.

How to Check Application Status

  • After a period of 3 weeks, you can check the status of your application
  • If there’s a need for additional documents or information, you’ll receive an email within these 3 weeks. To submit the required documents, navigate to ‘Work Passes’ on the left menu of the portal, choose the application record, and select ‘Submit documents’. Alternatively, follow the instructions provided in the email.

After Approval

  • Once the pass is approved, print the in-principle approval (IPA) letter.
  • Send the pass holder’s copy of the IPA to the foreign individual. This IPA includes a pre-approved single-entry visa, allowing the foreigner to enter Singapore.
  • After receiving the IPA, there’s a specific validity period to bring the foreigner to Singapore and have the pass issued:
    • Dependant of EP holder: 6 months.
    • Dependant of S Pass holder: 2 months.
  • For foreigners aged 13 and above, ensure they:
dependent pass singapore


1. Can dependent pass holder work in Singapore?

Yes, a Dependent Pass holder can work in Singapore. However, they need to obtain a Letter of Consent (LOC) from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) before starting employment. Once the LOC is granted, the Dependent Pass holder can work for any employer in Singapore. It’s important to note that the job offer must be in place before applying for the LOC, and the employer typically assists in this application process.

2. How long is the dependent Pass valid for?

The Dependent Pass’s validity usually aligns with the main pass holder’s Employment Pass or S Pass, usually up to 2 years. When the main pass is renewed, the Dependent Pass should also be renewed.

3. What is the process for renewing a Dependent Pass?

The Dependent Pass can be renewed online, and it’s advisable to initiate the renewal process at least two months before the pass expires. The employer or appointed employment agent typically handles the renewal process.

4. Can Dependent Pass holders study in Singapore?

Yes, children with a Dependent Pass can enroll in local schools, international schools, or other educational institutions in Singapore without needing a separate student visa. However, DP holders pursuing higher education in Singapore are required to apply for a student visa.

5. Are there any restrictions on the type of jobs Dependent Pass holders can take up with a Letter of Consent?

Generally, there are no specific restrictions on the type of jobs Dependent Pass holders can take up. However, the job offer and the employer’s credentials will be reviewed during the LOC application process.

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Singapore stands as a beacon of opportunity for foreign business owners, offering a harmonious blend of robust economic growth, a conducive business environment, and a high quality of life. The Dependent Pass further accentuates this allure, ensuring that while entrepreneurs and professionals contribute to the nation’s vibrant economic tapestry, their families too can partake in the rich cultural and social experiences the city-state offers. As you navigate the path of business expansion and family relocation, always remember that resources and expert assistance, like that from TopFDI, are available to guide you. Embrace the opportunities, cherish the family moments, and let Singapore be the backdrop to your success story.

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