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Company Registration in Top Free Trade Zones in APAC region.

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A Free Trade Zone (FTZ) is a designated geographic area where companies can have favourable customs duties, tariffs and tax incentives for import / export business. Top FDI can help you open a company in free trade zones in Asia Region including Singapore, Hong Kong & China.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A foreign-trade zone refers to a specified area where businesses can employ unique customs procedures to promote domestic activity and enhance value – competing effectively with foreign alternatives.

This is achieved by permitting deferred or reduced duty payments on foreign goods, along with other cost-saving measures.

  • Exemption of Responsibilities: No duties or quota charges are applied to goods being re-exported.
  • Deferred Duties: Imports benefit from the deferral of customs duties and federal excise tax.
  • Operational Advantages: Businesses employing FTZ procedures may enjoy simplified customs processes, such as “weekly entry” or “direct delivery.”
  • Supplementary Advantages: Goods intended for export, whether foreign or domestic, are not subject to state/local inventory taxes. Additionally, FTZ status may render a site eligible for state/local benefits unrelated to the FTZ Act.

The activities varies upon the city location and types of industries permitted for that location. To know more, visit our list of free trade zones.

There are two things to be researched before choosing the free trade zone.

1) To assess the level of international trade in the area and if there is a need for zone services for local companies

2) To determine if is an existing zone(s) adjacent to the port of entry that will already serve companies needs. 

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