Company Registration in Hong Kong

Our expert consultants are here to guide you step by step through the process of starting your company in Hong Kong.

How to Incorporate a Company in Hong Kong?

Setting up your company in Hong Kong is a breeze! With just a few must-haves in place, we’ll guide you through 5 easy steps to get your business up and running seamlessly.

1. Mandatory Requirements

  1. Choose Company Name
  2. Appoint Company Director
  3. Decide with Company Shareholders 
  4. Choose a Designated Representative 
  5. Appoint a Company Secretary
  6. Decide with Share Capital for the company

Don’t stress! We’ll guide you through each step and even be your director representative in Hong Kong 

1.1 Pick your Company Name

Choosing a company name in Hong Kong comes with a few important rules.
Name must be unique from existing businesses & can use English, Chinese or combination of both.
Make sure your chosen name avoids words that imply a government connnection without approval.
Most importantly, the name should accurately reflect the nature of your business.
Need help to choose a Name? Our consultants can provide name recommendations for your new limited liabilty company in Hong Kong.

1.2 Select Key Leaders of you Company

The Company Ordinance in Hong Kong provides guidelines on the appointment and roles of certain key officers within the company.
Director : It specifies that a company must have atleast one Director, who can be a natural person. The directors may also be shareholders.
Company Secretary : Every company in Hong Kong is required to appoint a Company Secretary, who can be an individual or corporation. The secretary must have the necessary knowledge and experience to discharge the functions of the role.
Designated Representative : Companies are required to appoint a person responsible for managing the Significant Controllers Register. The person can be a director, shareholder who resides in Hong Kong.
Shareholders : Your company can have atleast 1 shareholder to maximum of 50. Shareholders are the persons who own the company and appoint directors. It can be an individual or corporation.

1.3 Share Capital for your Business

Hong Kong does not have a minimum share capital requirement for starting a company. The Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong allows companies to have a very nominal amount of share capital, and it's common for businesses to start with a share capital as low as HKD 1.

2. Business Registration Certificate

We will submit your online application for registration  and once your company is set up, we provide a  business registration certificate ( BRC ) & Certificate of Incorporation. We also help in renewing your current BRC either yearly or in three years depending on the type of certificate.

3. Registered Address

As per Hong Kong’s Companies Ordinance, it is mandatory for every company to have a registered address. It should be a physical address and can be search by public inspection.

Top FDI can arrange registered address in hong kong as per your requirements.

4. Open a Business Bank Account

We help you effortlessly set up your bank account, ensuring you can receive payments and manage your invoices and match up with most suitable bank based on your business background & needs.

We’ve teamed up with the big players like HSBC and DBS, largest banks in Hong Kong. But that’s not all – we’ve also got your business covered with innovative Neobanks.

5. Accounting & Company Secretary

Every Company in Hong Kong must file Profit Tax Return along with audited report on annual basis irrespective of number of transactions.

Top FDI provides dedicated accountant to prepare and submit the financial statements & reports on  timely basis to Inland Revenue Department ( IRD ).

Our 4-Step Guide for Setup Business in Hong Kong


We begin by understanding your needs through a questionnaire and then design a custom service proposal with detailed cost breakdown

Signing & Payment

Once you're on board with our tailored proposal, we seal the deal by signing the service contract and receiving your payment

Documents Submission

You send us the relevant documents online via email / chat and we would take care of the rest

Sit Back & Relax

We prepare the mandatory documents and submit the application online to the department on your behalf

Why Top FDI ?

Top FDI excels in services like company registration, tax, accounting, and company secretarial support. We prioritize transparency, trust, and ethical practices, values that define our seamless and client-friendly processes. As a top Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) entity, we are dedicated to provide reliable and straightforward solutions for businesses.

Our helpful consultants are always available, 24/7, to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. They have expertise in different areas and are ready to provide guidance on topics like company registration, taxes, and company secretarial services.

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Essential Documents

The Certificate of Incorporation is a legal document issued by the Companies Registry of Hong Kong. It signifies that a company has been successfully incorporated and officially exists as a legal entity.

We would provide the certificate of incorporation once the company is registered.

The Business Registration Certificate is issued by the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong. It is primarily used for taxation purposes. 

We provide you with the BR once your company registration process is completed. This document officially confirms the establishment of your business as a legal entity.

Article of Association ( AOA ) covers important aspects like the roles of directors and shareholders, decision-making processes, and financial matters. Think of it as the company’s rulebook for how things work on the inside. 

We prepare the AOA on your behalf and submit to the department during application.

Every year, companies in Hong Kong are required to submit the Annual Return form, NAR1, to the Hong Kong Company Registry. This essential form ensures that the company’s details are up-to-date and in compliance with regulatory standards, serving as a regular check to maintain accurate and current information on record.

Hong Kong Business Entities

An LLC in Hong Kong is a business setup that protects your personal assets while offering flexibility. The main benefit is keeping your personal assets safe from business risks. If you want a secure and flexible business in Hong Kong, go for an LLC.

A sole proprietorship in Hong Kong is a business structure owned and operated by a single individual, offering the main benefit of straightforward ownership and control, as the sole proprietor has full authority over business decisions.

A partnership in Hong Kong is a business structure where two or more individuals manage and share profits and liabilities. The main benefit is the shared responsibility, allowing partners to combine resources and expertise. It is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs seeking collaboration and shared decision-making in their business ventures in Hong Kong.

A branch company in Hong Kong is an extension of a foreign company, allowing it to conduct business locally. The key benefit lies in leveraging the parent company’s brand and resources while operating in the Hong Kong market. It is an ideal choice for established international businesses seeking to expand their presence in Hong Kong.

A representative office in Hong Kong is a non-trading entity established by a foreign company to engage in promotional and liaison activities. The primary benefit is the ability to explore the Hong Kong market without conducting commercial operations. It is an ideal choice for foreign businesses looking to establish a presence, conduct market research, and build relationships in Hong Kong before committing to full-fledged business operations.

Flowchart of different business structures in Hong Kong

Frequently Asked Questions

A Hong Kong Company Name can be either in English Name or in Chinese Characters. Combination of both languages is not allowed.

Yes, you can introduce new shareholders or change the structure of your company’s shareholder at any time in future.

You can electronically submit the required documents through email or chat, and we will handle the entire process; your presence is only necessary during the bank account opening.

The primary distinction between a physical address and a virtual address lies in the fact that a physical address typically entails a significant on-site staff presence, whereas in a virtual office, the staff predominantly operates remotely.

To determine the most suitable option for your needs, consider the following questions:

1. Is your company capable of conducting processes online?

2. Are you seeking a local team or a global one?

3. Do you require a substantial number of employees working together in a single physical office?

The government has decided to apply 8.25% on assessable profits upto 2,000,000 HKD. 16.5 % would be applied on the accessable profits over 2,000,000 HKD.

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