Hong Kong Company Secretary Service

Handling your company secretary duties, ensuring tax deadline tracking, document filing, and compliance.

Company Secretary Service


Secure a committed online company secretary with over a decade of expertise right from the beginning. Connect with them via live chat and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Audit Assitance

Every company in Hong Kong must go through annual audit atleast once by a third party audit qualified auditor, who will submit it to Inland Revenue Department ( IRD ).

Account Management

Tax Filing

  • General Ledger Reports
  • Trial Balances
  • Year End Financial Statements
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Records

  • Our Company Secretarial Services


  • Application & renewal for business registration
  • Business correspondence address
  • Opening of corporate bank account
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and documents
  • Preparation of annual general meeting documents
  • Share transfer / share allotment

  • Tax & Bookkeeping

  • Assist the company in making tax payments
  • Update and renew of company’s certificates
  • Internal company auditing
  • Annual government inspection

  • Online Consultation Session

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    We help you pick and customise the process of acra business registration in Singapore in just 30 minutes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, they are the same. Simply put, company or corporate secretaries are senior members of a firm that ensure the organization is complying with statutory and regulatory requirements. They are also responsible for other corporate secretarial services, such as making sure that the decisions made by the board of directors are implemented. Company or corporate secretaries also advise the board on all the company’s legal matters as they are seen as the in-house legal officers.

    In a firm, company or corporate secretaries also have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to governance structure and the mechanisms that are in place. They play crucial roles in ensuring that the firm complies with the law as well as all regulatory and listing requirements. Those providing corporate secretarial services are seen as the go-to people for business advice, which can relate to conflict-of-interest issues, development strategy and corporate planning.

    If you are ready to setup your business in Hong Kong and free up your time without worrying about the compliance process, give us a call to enquire about our corporate secretarial services in Hong Kong.

    If you are a sole director, it is actually illegal for you to be the secretary as well. Hong Kong law mandates that the secretary is over the age of 18, and ordinarily resides in HK.

    If your employees live in Hong Kong and are over the age of 18, then yes.

    But we recommend making sure that they have previous company secretarial experience and TCSP License in Hong Kong.

    This is because the company secretarial role is actually quite important as they have to deal with government regulatory bodies (such as the Companies Registry).

    If you hire or appoint a secretary who is inexperienced with Hong Kong corporate secretarial work, you risk being out of compliance with Hong Kong regulations.

    A Hong Kong Company name can be either in English Name or in Chinese Characters. Combination of both languages is not allowed.

    Yes, you can introduce new shareholders or change the structure of your company’s shareholder at any time in future.

    You can electronically submit the required documents through email or chat, and we will handle the entire process; your presence is only necessary during the bank account opening.

    The primary distinction between a physical address and a virtual address lies in the fact that a physical address typically entails a significant on-site staff presence, whereas in a virtual office, the staff predominantly operates remotely.

    To determine the most suitable option for your needs, consider the following questions:

    1. Is your company capable of conducting processes online?

    2. Are you seeking a local team or a global one?

    3. Do you require a substantial number of employees working together in a single physical office?

    The government has decided to apply 8.25% on assessable profits upto 2,000,000 HKD. 16.5 % would be applied on the accessable profits over 2,000,000 HKD.

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