Ultimate Guide: How to Register a Company in ACRA Singapore Effortlessly

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Embarking on a business journey in Singapore involves engaging with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). This article provides a guide on how to register a company in ACRA Singapore. It sheds light on key elements like the ACRA Singapore website and its bizfile, crucial for accessing various details about registered companies. Further, it delves into the ACRA company registration number, a unique identifier assigned to every company, and discusses the step-by-step process on how to check this registration number in Singapore, enhancing your understanding of ACRA Incorporation of Company. So, let’s begin this informative journey to get acquainted with the essential aspects of company registration in Singapore!

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An Overview of ACRA Singapore

Singapore is known for its robust business ecosystem, attracting numerous entrepreneurs globally. Central to this ecosystem is the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, more commonly referred to as ACRA Singapore. Understanding ACRA’s pivotal role is crucial for anyone looking to establish a business in the city-state.

What is ACRA

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is the national regulator overseeing businesses, public accountants, and corporate service providers in Singapore. Established as a statutory board under the Ministry of Finance, its primary objectives include ensuring the transparent and responsive regulation of businesses and public accountants. 

By setting and upholding high standards, ACRA Singapore has fostered an environment where businesses operate with integrity, making Singapore one of the top places for global businesses. Additionally, ACRA facilitates the development of business entities and public accountants, ensuring they can compete effectively both locally and globally.

The ACRA Singapore Website

The ACRA Singapore website is not just a platform for regulatory submissions; it’s a treasure trove of resources for entrepreneurs. With user-centric interfaces and comprehensive information, the site offers guidance on everything from starting your business to understanding intricate regulations.

Budding entrepreneurs can find information on the types of business entities, guidelines on business names, and the necessary compliance requirements. Moreover, with easy-to-access links and clear navigation, the ACRA Singapore website ensures that users can swiftly find what they are looking for, saving valuable time in the business formation process.

A Guided Walkthrough of the ACRA Singapore Website

The ACRA Singapore website is a reflection of the organization’s commitment to ease of doing business. Here’s a brief walkthrough:

  • Homepage: Here, you’ll find the latest announcements, links to essential services, and a search bar that can help you quickly locate specific information or tools.
  • Registration and Renewal: This section provides a comprehensive guide on how to register a new business, renew existing licenses, or terminate a business.
  • Services: This tab leads you to the ACRA Singapore bizfile, e-services, and other online tools essential for business operations.
  • Regulatory Info: An essential section for understanding the legal landscape, compliance requirements, and guidelines on various business structures.
  • Resources: Here, users can access publications, research reports, statistics, and other valuable materials that can inform business decisions.
ACRA Singapore Website

What is ACRA Singapore Bizfile?

A standout feature on the ACRA Singapore website is the ACRA Singapore bizfile. This online directory is the go-to for all business-related data in Singapore. From registration details of a new startup to the financial statements of a well-established corporation, the bizfile has it all.

The user-friendly nature of the ACRA Singapore bizfile ensures that even those not well-versed in business jargon can easily navigate and retrieve essential information. For instance, if one is doing market research or looking for potential business partners, the bizfile becomes an invaluable tool, offering insights into the corporate landscape of Singapore.

  • Search Function: Simply enter the company’s name or UEN (Unique Entity Number) to retrieve details like registration date, business type, and more.
  • Financial Statements and Reports: For public companies, one can review financial data, offering insights into a company’s health and operations.
  • Business Profiles: Get a snapshot of a company’s core data— from its business activities to its shareholders and more.
  • Statistical Reports: For those looking to understand market trends or industry data, the bizfile provides statistical overviews, which can be invaluable for research.
Acra Singapore Bizfile
ACRA Singapore Bizfile eServices (source: Bizfile+)

How to Register a Company in ACRA Singapore

Setting up a company in Singapore is renowned for its efficiency, thanks largely to the streamlined processes of ACRA Singapore. For those eager to dive into the Singaporean business landscape, please access our ultimate guide to offshore company setup in Singapore. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the registration process.

Naming the Company and Ensuring its Availability

Before delving into the formal registration, one fundamental step is naming your company. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Brainstorm a Unique Name: Your company name is your brand identity. It should be unique, memorable, and reflect the nature of your business.
  • Check for Availability: Utilize the ACRA Singapore website’s name search feature to ensure that your chosen name isn’t already in use or too similar to existing entities.
  • Adhere to Naming Guidelines: Ensure your name doesn’t infringe on trademarks, isn’t vulgar, and doesn’t misrepresent the company’s business activities. Access to the Singapore Trademark Search.
  • Reserve the Name: Once you have a suitable name, you can reserve it on the ACRA Singapore website. Typically, a reserved name is held for 60 days.

Understanding the ACRA Singapore Contract During the Registration Process

During the registration process, entrepreneurs will encounter the ACRA Singapore contract. It’s a set of regulations and commitments that every registered company must adhere to. Key considerations include:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure you understand the regulatory demands of your specific business type.
  • Reporting Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the periodic financial reporting and other Operational Guidelines: The contract will also highlight the do’s and don’ts regarding company operations, ensuring transparency and legitimacy.

Understanding ACRA Incorporation of Company

The ACRA Incorporation of Company is a pivotal process that legitimizes your business entity in Singapore. It involves submitting essential documents, adhering to the ACRA Singapore contract, and ensuring compliance with all regulations laid out by ACRA Singapore. Preparation is half the battle. Ensure you gather the following documents and details for a smooth registration:

  • Company Name: The approved and reserved name from the previous step.
  • Brief Description of Business Activities: Outline the primary and secondary activities of your company.
  • Shareholder Details: Information about each shareholder’s identity and their share percentage.
  • Director Details: Full details of your company directors. Remember, at least one must be a Singaporean resident.
  • Company Secretary Details: Information about your appointed company secretary (a mandatory appointment within six months of incorporation). Related Article: Understanding a Company Secretary in Singapore.

Submission on the ACRA Singapore Website

  • Log in: Use the ACRA Singapore website’s business registration portal to initiate the process.
  • Fill in the Details: Enter the information and upload the necessary documents as prompted.
  • Pay the Registration Fee: A nominal fee is charged, which can be paid online.
  • Receive the Confirmation: Once approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation signifying the successful registration of your company. This is typically quick, often within hours if there are no complications.

Acquiring ACRA Company Registration Number

When you complete the ACRA Incorporation of Company, ACRA provides a unique company registration number. This unique identifier is essential for your business’s legitimacy and is required when dealing with other entities, opening bank accounts, and more. It serves as the official recognition of your company within Singapore’s regulatory framework.

How to Check Company Registration Number in Singapore

For businesses and individuals who wish to verify a company’s legitimacy, knowing how to check the company registration number in Singapore is essential. This can be done through the ACRA Singapore bizfile, an online repository that holds details of all registered companies in Singapore.

  • Visit the ACRA Bizfile Portal: Navigate to the official ACRA Singapore website and access the bizfile portal.
  • Search by Company Name: Enter the company name you are looking to verify. The portal will provide the company’s registration number along with other essential details.
  • Verification: By having access to the company’s official registration number, stakeholders can verify the company’s existence and authenticity.

Post-Registration Tasks: What’s Next?

Congratulations! Registering your company with ACRA Singapore is a significant milestone. However, the journey doesn’t end here. The post-registration phase is equally crucial to ensure that your company remains in good standing and operates smoothly. Let’s delve into the subsequent tasks you need to address:

Receiving Your Official Business Profile through the ACRA Singapore Bizfile

Once your company registration is approved, ACRA will issue an official business profile, a vital document that certifies your company’s existence.

  • Accessing the Profile: This can be downloaded directly from the ACRA Singapore bizfile on the ACRA Singapore website.
  • Details Included: The business profile contains key details such as your company’s name, registration number, business activities, shareholders, directors, and more.
  • Uses: This profile serves as an official record and may be required when opening bank accounts, entering into business contracts, or applying for permits and licenses.

Regularly Updating Company Details and Staying Compliant with the ACRA Singapore Contract

Maintaining compliance is imperative for the longevity and reputation of your company:

  • Timely Updates: If there are changes in your company – such as a shift in business address, change in shareholders or directors, or alteration in business activities – these must be updated on the ACRA Singapore bizfile within a stipulated timeframe.
  • Annual Filing: Companies need to submit annual returns and, where applicable, audited accounts. These provide updated snapshots of your company’s status and financial health.
  • Understanding Compliance: Familiarize yourself with the terms of the ACRA Singapore contract you agreed upon during registration. It outlines the responsibilities and expectations set for your company, ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements.

Keeping Up with Notifications and Updates from the ACRA Singapore Website to Maintain Good Standing

Staying informed is key to avoiding potential pitfalls:

  • Activate Notifications: Ensure you’ve enabled notifications from the ACRA Singapore website. This way, you’ll receive timely reminders about filing deadlines, regulatory updates, or other essential matters.
  • Regularly Check the Portal: It’s a good practice to periodically log in to the ACRA Singapore website and review any notifications or alerts.
  • Stay Updated with Regulatory Changes: Laws and regulations evolve. Keep an eye out for any changes or updates related to your industry on the ACRA Singapore website. This will ensure your business remains compliant and avoids unnecessary penalties.

While registering your company with ACRA Singapore is a commendable achievement, it’s merely the beginning. Post-registration tasks are vital for your company’s sustainable growth and smooth operations. By keeping updated with the ACRA Singapore bizfile, adhering to the ACRA Singapore contract, and staying informed through the ACRA Singapore website, you set a solid foundation for business success in Singapore’s dynamic marketplace.


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Why TopFDI?

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  • Company Secretary Solutions: Remember, appointing a company secretary is mandatory within six months of incorporation in Singapore. TopFDI provides this service, ensuring you have a qualified professional handling statutory compliance, board meetings, and other essential secretarial tasks.
  • Deep Integration with the ACRA Singapore Bizfile: TopFDI is familiar with the intricacies of the ACRA Singapore bizfile. They ensure that your company details are always up-to-date, annual returns are filed on time, and any regulatory changes are swiftly acted upon.

While the road to setting up and operating a business in Singapore is laden with regulatory nuances, companies like TopFDI make this journey smoother and more efficient. By leveraging their comprehensive suite of services, foreign businesses can focus on what they do best – growing their operations – while leaving the intricate administrative and compliance tasks to trusted experts.


As we wind down our comprehensive exploration of company registration in Singapore, a few crucial aspects resoundingly stand out: the significance of the ACRA Singapore contract and the indispensable utility of the ACRA Singapore bizfile.

Understanding the ACRA Singapore contract isn’t merely a formality—it’s the foundation upon which your business will operate within the country’s legal and regulatory framework. A keen grasp ensures not just compliance but also imparts a clear vision of your company’s responsibilities and rights within the bustling Singaporean business ecosystem.

Similarly, the ACRA Singapore bizfile isn’t just a digital tool—it’s your company’s continually evolving digital identity. Efficiently using it ensures that your business remains transparent, updated, and in line with all necessary guidelines, serving as a testament to your company’s commitment to excellence and integrity.

Lastly, the strategic ACRA Singapore location stands as a beacon for businesses worldwide, offering a seamless and efficient registration process. New businesses should embrace this advantage. Singapore, with its vibrant economy and forward-thinking regulatory bodies, offers an unmatched business-friendly environment.

In closing, to all aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses looking to set foot in Singapore: Dive in with confidence, armed with knowledge, and make the most of the unparalleled resources and streamlined processes ACRA Singapore offers. Your journey in this dynamic market promises to be as rewarding as it is exciting.