Singapore Company Secretary Service

Focus on your business & take care of statutory deadlines  by hiring a corporate secretary in Singapore through Top FDI.

What do we Provide in Company Secretarial Service?


Focus on your business and outsource corporate secretary expertise to us. Our dedicated experts support your business with tracking tax deadlines, filing documents and staying compliant.


We guarantee the upkeep and timely updates of your statutory registers, aligning them with the evolving nature of your company to ensure continuous compliance with regulatory authorities.

Why you need a Company Secretary in Singapore?

The Companies Act Singapore states that every company must appoint a corporate secretary within 6 months of company incorporation. Company directors must ensure that the appointed corporate secretary has the required knowledge and qualifications.

What We Offer ?


Financial Statements
Annual Tax Filing
Unaudited Statements
AGM Preparation

Company Changes

Change Company Name
Dividend Distribution
Shares Allotment
Shares Transfer

Company Secretary Job Responsibilities

  1. Compliance: Ensures the company follows all the rules and regulations set by the government and regulatory authorities. This includes filing necessary documents and reports on time.

  2. Corporate Records: Maintains important records and documents, such as meeting minutes, shareholder information, and the company’s constitution.

  3. Meetings: Organizes and documents company meetings, including board meetings and shareholder meetings. They prepare agendas, take minutes, and ensure that decisions are properly recorded.

  4. Communication: Acts as a bridge of communication between the company’s directors, shareholders, and regulatory authorities. They handle official correspondence and notices.

  5. Advisory Role: Provides advice to the company’s directors on legal and governance matters to ensure the company operates within the law and follows best practices.

  6. Changes and Compliance: Helps with changes in the company’s structure, such as appointing or removing directors, changing the company’s name, and ensuring that these changes comply with the law.

  7. Filing: Ensures that all necessary documents, like annual reports and financial statements, are filed with the appropriate government agencies, such as the company’s registrar.

  8. Corporate Governance: Supports the company in maintaining good corporate governance practices and ensuring transparency and accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many individuals who can hold the post of a company secretary. A company shareholder, director or an employee are all eligible. However, it should be noted that a director can only be appointed if they are not the sole director of the company. Additionally, they must live in Singapore and be over the age of 18.

A foreign company secretary cannot hold the post within a Singapore-based company. However, exceptions are made for those who happen to be Singapore residents or EntrePass holders.

Yes, they are the same. Simply put, company or corporate secretaries are senior members of a firm that ensure the organization is complying with statutory and regulatory requirements. They are also responsible for other corporate secretarial services, such as making sure that the decisions made by the board of directors are implemented. Company or corporate secretaries also advise the board on all the company’s legal matters as they are seen as the in-house legal officers.

In a firm, company or corporate secretaries also have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to governance structure and the mechanisms that are in place. They play crucial roles in ensuring that the firm complies with the law as well as all regulatory and listing requirements. Those providing corporate secretarial services are seen as the go-to people for business advice, which can relate to conflict-of-interest issues, development strategy and corporate planning.

If you are ready to setup your esteemed business in Singapore, as well free up your time without worrying about the compliance process, give us a call to enquire about our corporate secretarial services in Singapore.

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